Been a bit

I feel the need to start writing again, mainly to help clear my head.  Before I start though, a quick explanation for the break and where my head is at now.

I left my last company in 2011,  we were having some success with agile practices on small “tiger teams” and seeing good results. I wanted to do more things in an agile fashion and needed an opportunity. Sadly that was not at the company I spend the last 12 years at so I did one of the hardest things I have ever done and bid my team goodbye.   I was looking forward to a new QA manager role, however, shortly upon arriving I was tasked with being the Scrum Master ( ’cause I knew agile ) for a green field product.  It was a great product idea and with the team, vendor, and a great coach we started delivering using scrum. I hired some testers, was promoted to the Product Owner role and we grew from 10 cross located people to a team of 8 teams, and over 70 people in 3 cities. The frequent delivery, design, and “wow” factor of the app really put me on a high like never before.  Sadly the key person left the company and the accountants took over and started cutting everything. So, I moved on to try and apply agile to other projects in the same company just within different areas.

The posts from here on out will be mainly focus on agile and PO things. Testing is still a key that I push and focus on so there will still be mentions and things I draw on from that space.



I like to create things, work with interesting people, and do all things agile. I have a testing background and really want to make great products that solve problems.

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