TriAgile musings

Today was the first TriAgile conference ( ) in Raleigh. 260 people were there and it really was a great experience, some thoughts…

  1. People mistake process for progress. The “Agile” that people keep pushing is nothing without the principles.  Agility and the agilists that were there today, really dislike that.
  2. With the different flavors of agile, and the degrees to which they are implemented or held to, nobody does it the same way. Most of them do it for the right reason, and are looking to get better.
  3. Every person, team, and companies agile journey is interesting and you can gain something from it. Listening works and gains so much.
  4. Pointing out dumb waterfall/PM examples never gets old, or fails to get a laugh.
  5. Agile culture and agile companies are innovative. They have to be.
  6. Someone on my own team pointed out that my tone means more than my words. True. I need to get better.
  7. Your culture will eat your process. You have to work on changing everything to have true agility.  HR, Financials, etc.
  8. “This is Cory, he doesn’t suck”, thanks Bob.
  9. Scaling agile is a hairy, tricky thing.  Linear is bad, so is by the book process. Flat, collaborative, and decentralized ( hands off ) gets you there better than anything.
  10.  The appetite for agile people to work with other like minded people is really cool. Sad there are companies who still haven’t gotten it yet. Hopefully they will be gone soon, or they get on board somehow.

A great way to end the week and see how much this area is progressing.  Look forward to meeting more people that were there and having an even better event next year.




I like to create things, work with interesting people, and do all things agile. I have a testing background and really want to make great products that solve problems.

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