Deliver It! – A Product Owners Podcast

Recently a former colleague ( Kim ) and I started a podcast dedicated to Product Owners on agile projects/products.  I have been a fan of podcasts and listen to a good number of them during my commute, on lazy Saturdays, and waiting at the kids extra curricular activities. It’s a great consumer product and I really like the on demand format for specific things that interest me.  After getting more information and understanding about how they are created, I really wanted to create one of my own about something I’m excited about.  I’ve been having lunches regularly with Kim to talk about how we are doing as Product Owners, issues we are facing, and ways to improve.  One of the podcasts that I listened to had a director/producer on it and he said basically that if you are looking for something, and that something doesn’t exist, then why aren’t you doing it?  So taking that to heart and with the previous idea of expanding the PO space with a Community of Practice that didn’t draw enough interest where we worked, we have launched this podcast.

We plan on talking about topics specific to Product Owners, general agile/lean concepts and how Product Owners work with them, and talk to people who create products to find out how they do it.  We want to grow the PO community and help each other learn ways to improve.  I’m hopeful that the podcast can be a small part of that and would really like any feedback, questions, topics, and to hear from people who create products about their successes and failures.

Our current schedule looks like recording a new 30-45 min episode every two weeks and to talk about some things that interested us, a main discussion topic, and any feedback/questions about the role from you.

You can learn more at, follow on twitter @deliveritcast or email deliveritcast at



I like to create things, work with interesting people, and do all things agile. I have a testing background and really want to make great products that solve problems.

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