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Efficient vs Effective

It’s been a fairly constant point of contention when adopting agile techniques that at some point, someone will say something to the effect of “…it’s not efficient”. We can’t build the story like that, it’s not efficient… In order to run

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When to solve or save.

I recently had the pleasure of discussing Product Ownership with Bob Galen on a recent episode of Deliver It Cast.  Part of that discussion was the next level for Product Ownership to get to; the bottom line is that there

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Are you a Business or Technical Product Owner?

I attended my first Open Space conference this past weekend and really enjoyed it.  It was based around agile leadership challenges and I was most interested in a session with people discussing how to find the right product owner, and

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What to do with “Non-Functional Requirements”

On our last Deliver It Cast, Kim and I talked about what to do with Technical Stories / Debt for your product. The TL/DR version is to schedule it just like the other work and don’t skimp on it. One

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Product Ownership as a team sport

Interesting reading a couple of Leading Agile pieces about teams of product owners ( PO-team-why, PO-team-supporting-the-portfolio-team ).  I liked one a lot and the other not so much, I’ll try to explain why and some suggestions for scaling that role. PO

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What makes a MVP?

One of the best things I get to do is work with the NC State Computer Science – Senior Design Center on a project each semester.  For the last 6 semesters we have been working with a team of CS

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Deliver It! – A Product Owners Podcast

Recently a former colleague ( Kim ) and I started a podcast dedicated to Product Owners on agile projects/products.  I have been a fan of podcasts and listen to a good number of them during my commute, on lazy Saturdays,

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